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Plasma Cutting Consumables / Komatsu Torch Center Pipe 969-95-24162

Plasma Cutting Consumables / Komatsu Torch Center Pipe 969-95-24162

  • Plasma Cutting Consumables  / Komatsu Torch Center Pipe 969-95-24162
  • Plasma Cutting Consumables  / Komatsu Torch Center Pipe 969-95-24162
Plasma Cutting Consumables  / Komatsu Torch Center Pipe 969-95-24162
Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Plasma Consumables
Certification: ROHS/ SGS
Model Number: 969-95-24162
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 5pcs
Price: negotiation
Packaging Details: Manufacturer packing
Delivery Time: Prompt goods
Payment Terms: T/T or western Union
Supply Ability: 10,000pcs per month
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Detailed Product Description
Product Name: Plasma Consumables Application: Plasma Cutting Machine
Standard: Manufacturer Production Standard Type: 969-95-24162
High Light:

plasma cutting accessories


plasma torch nozzle

Komatsu Torch Center Pipe 969-95-24162 For Komatsu Plasma Cutter Torch Accessories
Shanghai ZhouBo Welding & Cutting Technology is specialized in Welding & Cutting consumables with Good Quality, Competitive Price, On-Time Delivery and Excellent Services and we are looking for long-term friendly cooperation with you. Komatsu plasma Cutting machine 30KW, 60KW accessories, plasma consumables.
HEC sell all kinds of plasma consumables include , EASB, Kjellberg, Koike and also supply some torch.
Q1:Can I get a free samples to check the quality?
A:Sure,we can supply the free samples but you need bear the express cost by yourself.
Q2:Will I afford the carrier charge?
A:Yes,you will afford the express charge or your account is OK.
Q3:Can I add my trademark on my products?
A:Yes,we need your certificate of authorization.
Plasma Cutting Consumables  / Komatsu Torch Center Pipe 969-95-24162 0

MachineHEC NO.Ref NO.Description
30KWL41470969-95-24470Outer Cap
L21750969-95-24750Shield Cap (<t6mm)
L21810969-95-24810Shield Cap (>t6mm)
L11130969-95-24130Nozzle 1.3mm
L11190969-95-24180Nozzle 1.1mm
L11180969-95-24190Nozzle 0.8mm
L11770969-95-24770Nozzle 0.6mm
L71320969-95-24320Guide A (Nozzle 1,3,1,1mm)
L71780969-95-24780Guide B (Nozzle 0.8,0.6mm)
L91410969-95-24410Shim for Outer cap
L91162969-94-24162Center pipe
L91163969-94-24163Center pipe
L81311969-94-24311Torch Body Kit
L81312969-94-24312Torch Body Kit
L90990969-95-10990Cooling water
L11920969-95-24920Nozzle 1.6
L11930969-95-24930Nozzle 1.4
L21950969-95-24950Shield Cap 1.6
L21960969-95-24960Shield Cap 1.4

Technical Support:
1, plasma cutting technology
Plasma cutting is the use of high temperature plasma arc heat to make the metal part of the incision at the local melting (and evaporation), and by the momentum of the high-speed plasma to remove molten metal to form a processing method of incision.
2, plasma cutting and flame gas cutting
Plasma cutting can only be effective as a conductor of metal - low carbon steel, aluminum and stainless steel are typical examples. In cutting low carbon steel, the operator will experience a higher speed, deeper cutting effect.
Flame gas is cut through combustion at high temperature, or by oxidation and cutting of metal. Therefore, the scope of its application is limited to the steel of this type can be used in the processing of black metal oxide technology. Metals like aluminum and stainless steel will generate oxide bound further oxidation. This makes the traditional flame gas cutting is impossible to deal with this kind of material. Plasma cutting, and is not dependent on oxidation treatment, so it can effectively cut aluminum, steel, and other conductive metal.
And different kinds of gas can be used in plasma cutting, the majority of people are using compressed air to carry out plasma cutting. Air compressors are available in most cities, and therefore, plasma cutting does not require a combustible gas or a compressed oxygen and other gases as operating gases.
Plasma cutting is more expensive than flame gas cutting in cutting thick plates, flame gas cutting does not need to connect the power supply and compressed air, which is easier for some users to use. Flame gas cutting is faster than plasma cutting in a thicker part of the steel. But the plasma cutting machine in cutting the thin plate cutting speed is much faster than the flame cutting, and the efficiency is higher, the effect is better!
3, plasma cutting process
Plasma cutting is ideal for cutting steel and the thickness of less than 1 inches of non-ferrous metal. Flame gas cutting requires the operator to take care of the control of the large speed of the examination of the large cut in order to keep the oxidation process. Plasma cutting in this area is more elastic. Plasma cutting is very good in some applications, such as cutting sheet metal, it is impossible to achieve when using gas flame cutting. In addition, cutting and mechanical comparison, plasma cutting speed is much faster and easier for nonlinear cutting. In cutting aluminum, copper, stainless steel and other metal materials are the strengths of plasma cutting machine!
4, Note purchase plasma cutting machine
In considering the purchase of CNC plasma cutting machine needs the following factors:
4.1 cutting thickness.
The first factor to be determined is usually to cut metal thickness. Most of the plasma cutting machine is the cutting ability and the size of current quota. Therefore, if you are cutting are | examination | large | thin metal, you should consider the low current plasma cutting machine. And despite the small machines are cutting specific thickness of metal, but may cutting quality can not be guaranteed, instead, you may also get almost no cutting wear results, the residue will be useless metal residue. Each machine will have a set of the best cutting thickness range -- to ensure that the set is suitable for your requirements. In general, plasma cutting machine selection must be based on the best cutting thickness in the limit 60%, this is the equipment in normal cutting thickness (guarantee cutting effect). Of course, the thinner the cutting effect and the faster, more thick if the cutting effect and the cutting speed is decreased.
4.2. The load rate of equipment
If you are a long time to be cut or cut automatically, make sure to check the machine work load sustained rate. Continuous load rate is simply the equipment to work overheating before cooling the continuous working time. The work load sustained rate is usually in 10 minutes as a standard to determine the percentage of. For example. 60% current 100 ampere work load cycle is that you can in the current output of 100 amps continuous cutting 6 minutes (10 minutes by 100%). The work load | test | large | cycle is high, you can continue cutting the longer.
5, The high frequency interference plasma cutting power supply
Most of the plasma cutting machine will have a guide arc, using high frequency to guide the current through the air. However, the high frequency will interfere with nearby electronic equipment, including computer. Therefore, starting method can eliminate these high-frequency potential problems may be quite beneficial.
6, plasma cutting loss
Plasma cutting torch with various external parts need to be replaced, we usually call supplies. You need to find the machine should be used with minimal supplies. Less supplies means cost savings. 2 of them need to be replaced: electrode and nozzle. In order to improve the service life of the consumables, users in the use of plasma cutting need to pay attention to the normative operation, integrated cutting height of plasma torch, cutting surface roughness, material and different thickness cutting speed
7, The machine features
Plasma cutting machine with different working gas can be used in cutting various oxygen cutting of difficult to cut metals, especially for non ferrous metals (stainless steel, aluminum, copper, titanium, nickel) cutting effect is better; its main advantages is small in thickness of metal cutting, plasma cutting speed, especially in the ordinary carbon steel sheet cutting, speed up to oxygen cutting method is 5 ~ 6 times, cutting surface is bright and clean, small thermal deformation, almost no heat affected zone. Plasma cutting machine development up to now, the working gas (gas is plasma arc conducting medium, and is carrying heating. At the same time, we should exclude the incision in the molten metal) on plasma arc cutting properties and cutting quality and speed have obvious influence. Commonly used plasma arc gas is argon, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, air, water vapor and gas mixture. Widely used in automobiles, motorcycles, pressure vessels, chemical machinery, nuclear industry, general machinery, engineering machinery, steel structure and plasma cutting machine!
source and reduce the pollution to the grid voltage.

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