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Kjellberg PA-S70W Nozzle .12.43050 L1 For Kjellberg Torch Accessories

Kjellberg PA-S70W Nozzle .12.43050 L1 For Kjellberg Torch Accessories

  • Kjellberg PA-S70W Nozzle .12.43050 L1 For Kjellberg Torch Accessories
  • Kjellberg PA-S70W Nozzle .12.43050 L1 For Kjellberg Torch Accessories
Kjellberg PA-S70W Nozzle .12.43050 L1 For Kjellberg Torch Accessories
Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Plasma Consumables
Certification: ROHS/ SGS
Model Number: .12.43050 L1
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 5pcs
Price: negotiation
Packaging Details: Manufacturer packing
Delivery Time: Prompt goods
Payment Terms: T/T or western Union
Supply Ability: 10,000pcs per month
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Detailed Product Description
Product Name: Plasma Consumables Application: Plasma Cutting Machine
Standard: Manufacturer Production Standard Type: .12.43050 L1
High Light:

plasma torch accessories


plasma cutting machine parts

Kjellberg PA-S70W Nozzle .12.43050 L1 For Kjellberg Torch Accessories


Our company adopts modern management mode and devotes itself to new high performance design and production of welding & cutting equipments, with continuous technique advantages innovation .All our staff are striving to realize the aim of "Create Chinese Brand ,Build First-Class Enterprise ",with the spirit of "Being honest and pragmatic ,making pioneering efforts and seeking perfection with persistency."

Company commitment: thinking what customers think, worrying what customers worry, in time delivery and high tracking service.

Electrode: M002, M012, M001, M011, S002Y, S012X, T012Y, S042, S052, G002Y, G032Y, G092Y, G015Y, G071, G052, G042 and so on.

Nozzle: M2006, M2007, M2008, M2009, M2010, M2112, R2007, R2008, R2009, R2010, R2011, R2012, S2006X, S2007X, S2008X, S2009X, S2010X, S2011X, S2012X, S2014X, S2016X, S2514X, S2516X, S2518X, S012X, S2112X, S2114X, S2116X, T2115, T2120, T2125, T2127, T2130, T2523, T2525, T2427, T2429, G2006Y, G2207Y, G2008Y, G2009Y, G2010Y, G2011Y, G2012Y, G2014Y, G2016Y, G2326Y, G2330Y, G2331Y, G2514Y, G2516Y, G2518Y, G2725Y, G2727Y, G2729Y.

Swirl gas cap: V4335, V4330, V4340, V4345, V4350, V4360, V4535, V4540, V4550, V4560, Z4015, Z4020, Z4022, Z4025, Z4030, Z4140, Z4530, Z4535, Z4545, Z4540, R4020, R4022, R4025, R4130, R4140, R4525, R4530, R4540, G4020, G4022, G4025, G4030, G4035, G4040, G4330, G4335, G4340, G4345, G4350, G4355

Nozzle cap: M3004, M3008, M3028, S3004, S3008, S3018, S3028, T3000, T3030, T3045, T3145, T3060, T3160, T3208, T3209, T3219, T3228, R3004, R3008, R3018, R3028, G3004, G3018, G3028

Protection Cap: Z501, T502, T503, V502, T522, G3209, G3219, G3249

Gas guide: Z101, Z102, Z111, Z111A, G101, G102, G121, G125

Water Tube: T901, V931, PB-S75, PB-S46/47, .11.842.601.152, G931



Machine HEC NO. Thum NO. Ref NO. Description
1 K720310 R012 11.842.721.310 O2 XL R012 (3D)
2 K710414 R2114 11.842.721.414 1.4 R2114
3 K730162 R3008 11.842.601.162 0.8 R3008 (3D)
4 K710780 A1 .12.37780 ,A1,120A
5 K710620 A3 .11.828.511.620 ,A3,180A
6 K710910 A2 .12.40910 ,A2,250A
7 K720550 K5 .11.828.911.550 ,K5
8 K10L1 L1 .12.43050  
9 K10L2 L2 .12.40850  
10 K10L3 L3 .11.828.501.414  
11 K00K2 K2 .12.4087  
12 K00K3 K3-XL .11.833.121.300-AG  
13 K730790 V3000 .12.37790  
14 K750230 V951 .11.828.911.230 V951
15     .10.505.908 O-ring 18.2 X 1.9 VMQ ISO 1629 70SHSW
16     .10.505.923 O-ring 28 X 2.0 VMQ ISO 1629 70 shore

Technical Support:

Maintenance of plasma cutting machine


1. correct assembly torch


Right, carefully install the torch, ensure all parts with good, to ensure that the gas and the cooling air. Install all of the components on a clean cloth, avoid dirt stuck to components. In the O ring on the appropriate lubrication oil, O ring to change light as the standard, can not be more.


2. consumption of parts in a timely manner before the complete damage


Consumption with completely damaged parts do not change, again because of severe wear of electrode, the nozzle and the vortex ring will have control of the plasma arc, extremely easy to cause the torch of serious damage. So when the first cut in the quality of the cut, it should be timely check the consumption.


3. The connecting thread cleaning torch


In the replacement of expendable thing or daily maintenance inspection, must assure cutting torch, within the thread clean and, if necessary, should be clean or repair connection thread.


4. the contact surface of the cleaning electrode and nozzle


In a lot of cutting torch, the contact surface of the nozzle and the electrode is charged the contact surface, if the contact surface with dirt, cut the torch can not work normally should be using hydrogen peroxide cleaning cleaning agent.


5. check the gas and cooling gas every day


Check the flow and pressure of the gas and cooling gas flow every day, if the flow is not enough or there is leakage, should stop the line fault immediately.


6. avoid torch collision damage


In order to avoid collision damage to torch should be correctly programming avoid walking overrun system, install anti-collision device can effectively avoid the collision torch damage.


7. The damage reason of the most common torch


(1) the torch collision.


(2) the destructive plasma arc due to the damage of the consumable parts.


(3) dirt caused by the destructive plasma arc.


(4) loose parts caused by destructive plasma arc.


8. matters needing attention


(1) do not grease the cutting torch.


(2) don't over use O - ring lubricant.


(3) in protection to remain on the cutting torch when splash do not spray chemicals.


(4) do not take manual torch when use hammer.


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