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Kjellberg Torch Accessories 11.842.401.160 S3004 For Kjellberg HiFocus Nozzle Cap

Kjellberg Torch Accessories 11.842.401.160 S3004 For Kjellberg HiFocus Nozzle Cap

  • Kjellberg Torch Accessories 11.842.401.160 S3004 For Kjellberg HiFocus Nozzle Cap
  • Kjellberg Torch Accessories 11.842.401.160 S3004 For Kjellberg HiFocus Nozzle Cap
Kjellberg Torch Accessories 11.842.401.160 S3004 For Kjellberg HiFocus Nozzle Cap
Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Plasma Consumables
Certification: ROHS/ SGS
Model Number: 11.842.401.160 S3004
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 5pcs
Price: negotiation
Packaging Details: Manufacturer packing
Delivery Time: Prompt goods
Payment Terms: T/T or western Union
Supply Ability: 10,000pcs per month
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Detailed Product Description
Product Name: Plasma Consumables Application: Plasma Cutting Machine
Standard: Manufacturer Production Standard Type: 11.842.401.160 S3004
High Light:

plasma cutter accessories


plasma cutting machine parts

Kjellberg Torch Accessories 11.842.401.160 S3004 For Kjellberg HiFocus Nozzle Cap


Shanghai ZhouBo Welding & Cutting Technology is a professional manufacturer plasma consumables electrode, nozzle, shield, swirl ring, inner cap, retaining cap, water tube, torch body and so on. We have tens years experience to export many countries, and our products is very competitive in the world.

Kjellberg plasma cutting machine:HiFocus80i, HiFocus100i, HiFocus130i, HiFocus160i, HiFocus280i, HiFocus360i, HiFocus440i and so on

Kjellberg machine :PA-S20W, PA-S25W, PA-S40W, PA-S45W, PA-S70W, PA-S75, PB-S45W, PB-S47, PB-S75, PB-S76, PB-S77, PB-S80, Fine Focus450, Fine Focus800, Fine Focus900 and so on 
Electrode: M002, M012, M001, M011, S002Y, S012X, T012Y, S042, S052, G002Y, G032Y, G092Y, G015Y, G071, G052, G042 and so on.
Nozzle: M2006, M2007, M2008, M2009, M2010, M2112, R2007, R2008, R2009, R2010, R2011, R2012, S2006X, S2007X, S2008X, S2009X, S2010X, S2011X, S2012X, S2014X, S2016X, S2514X, S2516X, S2518X, S012X, S2112X, S2114X, S2116X, T2115, T2120, T2125, T2127, T2130, T2523, T2525, T2427, T2429, G2006Y, G2207Y, G2008Y, G2009Y, G2010Y, G2011Y, G2012Y, G2014Y, G2016Y, G2326Y, G2330Y, G2331Y, G2514Y, G2516Y, G2518Y, G2725Y, G2727Y, G2729Y.


Machine HEC NO. Thum NO. Ref NO. Description















HiFocus 130i

K60191 Z501 11.835.201.081 Protection Cap
K601515 Z4015 .11.835.201.1561 Swirlgas Cap 1.5mm
K601520 Z4020 11.835.201.1571 Swirlgas Cap 2.0mm
K601522 Z4022 .11.835.201.1551 Swirlgas Cap 2.2mm
K601525 Z4025 .11.835.201.1581 Swirlgas Cap 2.5mm
K601530 Z4030 .11.835.201.1591 Swirlgas Cap 3.0mm
K601640 Z4140 11.835.401.1571 Swirlgas Cap 4.0mm
K601830 Z4530 11.835.411.1581 Swirlgas Cap 3.0mm
K601835 Z4535 11.835.411.1580 Swirlgas Cap 3.5mm
K601840 Z4540 11.835.411.1591 Swirlgas Cap 4.0mm
K601845 Z4545 11.835.411.1590 Swirlgas Cap 4.5mm
K511204 S3004 11.842.401.160 Nozzle Cap 0.4mm
K511208 S3008 11.842.401.162 Nozzle Cap 0.8mm
K511228 S3028 11.842.401.1622 Nozzle Cap 0.8mm
K511248 S3048 11.842.401.1624 Nozzle Cap 0.8mm
K511218 S3018 11.842.401.1621 Nozzle Cap 0.8mm
K11606 S2006X 11.843.021.406 Nozzle0.6 25A
K11607 S2007X 11.843.021.407 Nozzle0.7 35A
K11608 S2008X 11.843.021.408 Nozzle0.8 50/60A
K11609 S2009X 11.843.021.409 Nozzle0.9 70/80A
K11610 S2010X 11.843.021.410 Nozzle1.0 80/90A
K11611 S2011X 11.843.021.411 Nozzle1.1 90/100A
K11612 S2012X 11.843.021.412 Nozzle1.2 100/130A
K11614 S2014X 11.843.021.414 Nozzle1.4 130/160A
K11616 S2016X 11.843.021.416 Nozzle1.6 160A
K11712 S2112X 11.843.121.412 Nozzle1.2 100A
K11714 S2114X 11.843.121.414 Nozzle1.4 130A
K11716 S2116X 11.843.121.416 Nozzle1.6 160A
K111014 S2514X 11.843.111.614 Nozzle1.4 120A
K111016 S2516X 11.843.111.616 Nozzle1.6 140A
K111018 S2518X 11.843.111.618 Nozzle1.8 160A
K0102 S002Y 11.843.021.320-AG Cathode, Ag
K0112 S012X 11.843.121.310-AG Cathode, Ag
K0122 S042 11.842.411.510 Cathode, HiFinox® (i)
K0132 S052 11.842.511.510 Cathode, FineFocus® (i)
K91231 S901 11.842.401.152 Cooling Tube

Technical Support:
Main factors leading to serious waste of steel and supplies

1. The numerical control system is not stable: user in the purchase of CNC cutting machine CNC system selection, blindly pursue civil computer high configuration, selection of windows system, high frequency CPU and hard disk, ignoring the stability of the numerical control system used in industry. Because of the high frequency CPU and hard disk power, high calorific value, especially in the summer, CNC system internal heat overheating, resulting in CNC system and cutting machine doesn't work, have to use the numerical control system for cooling industrial fan. In addition, the high frequency CPU must be equipped with a fan, and the fan is easy to wear and tear, limited life, easily lead to the CPU and motherboard damage, hard disk vibration damage to the track and infectious virus will cause instability of the NC system, leading to cut production stagnation. without the use of nesting software: in the purchase of CNC cutting machine did not buy the nesting optimization software, only the use of CAD software and NC conversion software, drawing and NC cutting file, or is called NC system in the parts library, in the NC system of DXF or NC file manual process nesting, local cutting, CNC cutting machine most of the time in a waiting programming nesting in the idle state, greatly reduces the numerical control cutting machine production efficiency, also due to local steel plate cutting, produced a large number of surplus materials or surplus steel, steel leads to the serious waste.

2. Can't achieve automatic cutting: CNC system without the automatic cutting process and cutting parameter database, cutting workers can only by virtue of experience and observe the eyes, by manually adjusting and controlling the punching, cutting speed and corner acceleration and deceleration, cannot achieve automatic perforation and automatic cutting, CNC cutting machine production efficiency can not play an effective role.

3. Single cutting heat and cutting deformation: is each part to is preheated perforation and one of cutting, without the use of edge, borrow edge, bridging continuous cutting, cutting way, not only prone to hot cutting deformation and flame preheated perforation time-consuming consumables, low cutting efficiency, can cut mouth waste serious.

4. Cutting quality problem: lead parts, such as a cut point burn scars, part corner burning, cutting surface tilt excessively, cutting circular parts circle deformation or not closed, cutting large size workpiece occur serious error, the cutting deformation such as the non closure of severe cutting quality problem.

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