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Kaliburn Plasma Electrode 277282 For Spirit 150A Plasma Cutting Consumables

Kaliburn Plasma Electrode 277282 For Spirit 150A Plasma Cutting Consumables

    • Kaliburn Plasma Electrode 277282 For Spirit 150A Plasma Cutting Consumables
  • Kaliburn Plasma Electrode 277282 For Spirit 150A Plasma Cutting Consumables

    Product Details:

    Place of Origin: China
    Brand Name: Plasma Consumables
    Certification: ROHS/ SGS
    Model Number: 277282

    Payment & Shipping Terms:

    Minimum Order Quantity: 5pcs
    Price: negotiation
    Packaging Details: Manufacturer packing
    Delivery Time: Prompt goods
    Payment Terms: T/T or western Union
    Supply Ability: 10,000pcs per month
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    Detailed Product Description
    Product Name: Plasma Consumables Application: Plasma Cutting Machine
    Standard: Manufacturer Production Standard TypeElectrode 220435: 277282
    High Light:

    plasma cutter parts


    plasma cutting accessories

    Kaliburn Plasma Electrode 277282 For Spirit 150A Plasma Cutting Machine accesssories



    We can offer you all plasma consumables for , Kjellberg, Esab, Koike, Komatsu, Thermadyne, Kaliburn such as: electrode, nozzle, shield, swirl ring, inner cap, retaining cap, water tube, torch body and so on.


    Q1:Can I get a free samples to check the quality?


    A:Sure,we can supply the free samples but you need bear the express cost by yourself.


    Q2:Will I afford the carrier charge?


    A:Yes,you will afford the express charge or your account is OK.


    Q3:Can I add my trademark on my products?


    A:Yes,we need your certificate of authorization.


    1. HEC Brand

    We make metal cutting system and plasma cutter as well as torch and consumables. We make plasma cutting machine and fiber laser cutting machine with high quality and reliablity.


    2. Cut Performance

    HEC plasma consumables use high quality material and standard process to make sure the highest quality. Our consumables cutting performance is as the same as orginial OEM manufactory.


    3. Good Price

    HEC plasma consumables are good quality with low price make customers best requirement and saving money.


    4. Big Catagory

    HEC sell all kinds of plasma consumables include , EASB, Kjellberg, Koike and also supply some torch.


    Machine HEC NO. Ref NO. Description
    Spirit 150A HEC277130 277130 Electrode 30A
    HEC277137 277137 Electrode 30/50A SS (Air)
    HEC277131 277131 Electrode 50/70A
    HEC277131-L 277131-L Electrode Long-life
    HEC277132 277132 Electrode 70A Stainless (H17)
    HEC277282 277282 Electrode 100A
    HEC277282-L 277282-L Electrode Long-life
    HEC277133 277133 Electrode 100A Stainless (H17)
    HEC277292 277292 Electrode 150A
    HEC277292-L 277292-L Electrode Long-life
    HEC277135 277135 Electrode 150/200/260A Stainless (H17)
    HEC277291 277291 Electrode 200A
    HEC277291-L 277291-L Electrode Long-life
    HEC277270 277270 Electrode 275A
    HEC277270-L 277270-L Electrode Long-life
    HEC277120 277120 Nozzle 30AMild Steel
    HEC277121 277121 Nozzle 30AStainless (Air)
    HEC277122 277122 Nozzle 50AMild Steel
    HEC277123 277123 Nozzle 50AStainless (Air)
    HEC277124 277124 Nozzle 70AStainless (H17)
    HEC277125 277125 Nozzle 70A
    HEC277126 277126 Nozzle 100AStainless (H17)
    HEC277284 277284 Nozzle 100A
    HEC277293 277293 Nozzle 150A
    HEC277297 277297 Nozzle 150AStainless (H17)
    HEC277289 277289 Nozzle 200A
    HEC277269 277269 Nozzle 275A
    HEC277145 277145 Shield Cap 30A
    HEC277144 277144 Shield Cap 30AStainless (Air)
    HEC277115 277115 Shield Cap 50AMild Steel
    HEC277149 277149 Shield Cap 50AStainless (Air)
    HEC277150 277150 Shield Cap 70A
    HEC277286 277286 Shield Cap 100A
    HEC277146 277146 Shield Cap 100AStainless (H17)
    HEC277117 277117 Shield Cap 150A
    HEC277298 277298 Shield Cap 150AStainless (H17)
    HEC277274 277274 Shield Cap 200A
    HEC277263 277263 Shield Cap 2750A
    HEC277110 277110 Inner Retaining Cap 30/50A Stainless (Air)
    HEC277113 277113 Inner Retaining Cap 70A/100A Stainless (H17)
    HEC277151 277151 Retaining Cap 100/150A
    HEC277152 277152 Retaining Cap 150A
    HEC277153 277153 Inner Retaining Cap 30/50/70A Mild Steel
    HEC277266 277266 Retaining Cap 200/275A
    HEC277154 277154 Outer Retaining Cap
    HEC277258 277258 Swirl Ring
    HEC277140 277140 Swirl Ring 30/50A Mild Steel
    HEC277138 277138 Swirl Ring 30AStainless (Air)
    HEC277142 277142 Swirl Ring 50/70A Mild Steel
    HEC277283 277283 Swirl Ring 100AMild Steel
    HEC277141 277141 Swirl Ring 100AStainless (H17)
    HEC277139 277139 Swirl Ring 150AMild Steel

    Technical Support:

    1. avoid the expansion of plasma arc

    If the plasma arc is only extended and expanded in order to reach the working surface (the plasma arc starts at the beginning and end of the cutting), this will cause the non normal damage of the nozzle. If you use the right edge of the starting point, select the right "broken arc" signal time, this problem can be avoided.


    2. to reduce unnecessary arcing time

    When the arc discharge nozzle and electrode consumption are very fast, so the arc should be placed on the cutting torch cutting the workpiece within walking distance. Try not to have an empty arc. The cutting machine should begin to execute the program immediately after receiving the signal from the start arc, and should not be suspended.


    3, keep the plasma gas dry and clean


    Plasma system need to dry and clean gas plasma in order to work properly, dirty gas is usually compressed gas system, it will relationship exertion of life, resulting in non normal damage. Method for testing the quality of gas cutting torch in the test state, put a mirror in the below, torch gas consumption, if there is a gas and mist on the mirror, you need to identify the cause and correct.


    4. Method for prolonging the service life of the plasma wearing parts

     ensure the correct air pressure and flow rate of the plasma gas

    The correct pressure and flow rate of the plasma gas are very important to the service life of the wearing parts. If the pressure is too high, the life of the electrode will be greatly reduced;

    If the pressure is too low, the nozzle's life will be affected.



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