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Plasma Cutting Nozzle 969-95-24130 1.3mm For Komatsu Plasma Cutter Machine Consumables

Plasma Cutting Nozzle 969-95-24130 1.3mm For Komatsu Plasma Cutter Machine Consumables

    • Plasma Cutting Nozzle 969-95-24130 1.3mm For Komatsu Plasma Cutter Machine Consumables
    • Plasma Cutting Nozzle 969-95-24130 1.3mm For Komatsu Plasma Cutter Machine Consumables
  • Plasma Cutting Nozzle 969-95-24130 1.3mm For Komatsu Plasma Cutter Machine Consumables

    Product Details:

    Place of Origin: China
    Brand Name: Plasma Consumables
    Certification: ROHS/ SGS
    Model Number: 969-95-24130

    Payment & Shipping Terms:

    Minimum Order Quantity: 5pcs
    Price: negotiation
    Packaging Details: Manufacturer packing
    Delivery Time: Prompt goods
    Payment Terms: T/T or western Union
    Supply Ability: 10,000pcs per month
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    Detailed Product Description
    Product Name: Plasma Consumables Application: Plasma Cutting Machine
    Standard: Manufacturer Production Standard Type: 969-95-24130
    High Light:

    plasma torch electrode


    plasma torch nozzle

    Plasma Cutting Nozzle 969-95-24130 1.3mm For Komatsu Plasma Cutter Machine Consumables


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    . HEC Brand

    We make metal cutting system and plasma cutter as well as torch and consumables. We make plasma cutting machine and fiber laser cutting machine with high quality and reliablity.

    2. Cut Performance

    HEC plasma consumables use high quality material and standard process to make sure the highest quality. Our consumables cutting performance is as the same as orginial OEM manufactory.

    3. Good Price

    HEC plasma consumables are good quality with low price make customers best requirement and saving money.

    4. Big Catagory

    HEC sell all kinds of plasma consumables include , EASB, Kjellberg, Koike and also supply some torch.



    Q1:Can I get a free samples to check the quality?


    A:Sure,we can supply the free samples but you need bear the express cost by yourself.


    Q2:Will I afford the carrier charge?


    A:Yes,you will afford the express charge or your account is OK.


    Q3:Can I add my trademark on my products?


    A:Yes,we need your certificate of authorization.



    Machine HEC NO. Ref NO. Description
    30KW L41470 969-95-24470 Outer Cap
    L21750 969-95-24750 Shield Cap (<t6mm)
    L21810 969-95-24810 Shield Cap (>t6mm)
    L31141 969-95-24141 Ring
    L11130 969-95-24130 Nozzle 1.3mm
    L11190 969-95-24180 Nozzle 1.1mm
    L11180 969-95-24190 Nozzle 0.8mm
    L11770 969-95-24770 Nozzle 0.6mm
    L71320 969-95-24320 Guide A (Nozzle 1,3,1,1mm)
    L71780 969-95-24780 Guide B (Nozzle 0.8,0.6mm)
    L01310 969-95-24310 Electrode
    L91410 969-95-24410 Shim for Outer cap
    L91162 969-94-24162 Center pipe
    L91163 969-94-24163 Center pipe
    L81311 969-94-24311 Torch Body Kit
    L81312 969-94-24312 Torch Body Kit
    L90990 969-95-10990 Cooling water
    L01910 969-95-24910 Electrode
    L11920 969-95-24920 Nozzle 1.6
    L11930 969-95-24930 Nozzle 1.4
    L21950 969-95-24950 Shield Cap 1.6
    L21960 969-95-24960 Shield Cap 1.4

    Technical Support:

    The maintenance of the plasma torch


    1. to correctly install the torch


    Correctly and carefully install the torch, and to ensure that all the parts fit together well, and ensures the cutting gas and shielding gas flow, before the installation will be all the components on a clean cloth, avoid dirt adhesion to components. In the "O" type ring with a little lubricant, "O" - shaped ring is appropriate, should not be more.


    2. the wearing parts should be replaced in time before the complete damage.


    Vulnerable parts are not used completely damaged after the replacement of, because of serious damage to the electrode, the nozzle and the eddy current ring will can not control the plasma arc, cutting torch damage easily. So for the first time found that the quality of cutting down, it should be timely inspection and replacement of wearing parts.


    3. The connecting thread cleaning torch


    In the replacement of wearing parts or daily maintenance inspection, must ensure that the torch of internal and external thread cleaning. If necessary, apply more than 98% of industrial alcohol cleaning or repair connection thread.


    4 the contact surface of the cleaning electrode and the nozzle


    Must ensure that the nozzle and electrode contact surface clean and free of oil, if the contact surface with dirt, the torch will not be able to normal working, should use such as hydrogen peroxide cleaning agent cleaning.


    5 check cutting gas and protective gas


    Check the flow and pressure of cutting gas and protecting gas every day, if the flow is not sufficient or leakage, should immediately stop the trouble.


    6 avoid torch collision damage


    In order to avoid cutting collision damage, should be properly programmed, the cutting speed limit to avoid walking. Install anti-collision device can effectively avoid the collision damage the cutting torch.


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