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Plasma Consumables Nozzle 120935, Plasma Cutting Machine

Plasma Consumables Nozzle 120935, Plasma Cutting Machine

    •  Plasma Consumables Nozzle 120935,  Plasma Cutting Machine
    •  Plasma Consumables Nozzle 120935,  Plasma Cutting Machine
  •  Plasma Consumables Nozzle 120935,  Plasma Cutting Machine

    Product Details:

    Place of Origin: China
    Brand Name: Plasma Consumables
    Certification: ROHS/ SGS
    Model Number: Nozzle 120935

    Payment & Shipping Terms:

    Minimum Order Quantity: 5pcs
    Price: negotiation
    Packaging Details: Manufacturer packing
    Delivery Time: Prompt goods
    Payment Terms: T/T or western Union
    Supply Ability: 10,000pcs per month
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    Detailed Product Description
    Product Name: Plasma Consumables Application: Plasma Cutting Machine
    Standard: Manufacturer Production Standard TypeElectrode 220435: Nozzle 120935

    Plasma Consumables Nozzle 120935, Plasma Cutting Machine
    Shanghai ZhouBo Welding & Cutting Technology company can supply plasma Cutting machine HT4400 accessories, plasma consumables. plasma HT4400 plasma cutting accessories, HT4400 plasma torch parts, hyperherm plasma cutter nozzle 120934, plasma cutting nozzle 120935 CCW, 300A nozzle 120794, 300A CCW nozzle 120795, 200A nozzle 120787, 200A CCW nozzle 120788, 100A nozzle 120777, 100A CCW nozzle 120778, hyperherm electrode 120810, plasma cutter tips 120802, 200A electrode 120793, 100A electrode 120785, hyperherm HT4400 400A swirl ring 120939, 400A CCW swirl ring 120940,  300A swirl ring 120913, 300A CCW swirl ring 120914, 200A swirl ring 120791, 200A CCW swirl ring 120792, plasma cutter water tube 120025. plasma retaining cap 120786, 


    Machine HEC NO. Ref NO. Description





















    H04785 120785 Electrode,Oxygen,100Amp
    H04793 120793 Electrode,Oxygen,200Amp
    H04802 120802 Electrode,Oxygen,300Amp
    H04810 120810 Electrode,Oxygen,400Amp
    H04855 120855 Electrode,Nitrogen,200/400Amp
    H74783 120783 Swirl Ring,Oxygen,100Amp
    H74784 120784 Swirl Ring,Oxygen,100Amp,CCW
    H74791 120791 Swirl Ring,Oxygen,200Amp
    H74792 120792 Swirl Ring,Oxygen,200Amp,CCW
    H74913 120913 Swirl Ring,Oxygen,300Amp
    H74914 120914 Swirl Ring,Oxygen,300Amp,CCW
    H74939 120939 Swirl Ring,Oxygen,400Amp
    H74940 120940 Swirl Ring,Oxygen,400Amp,CCW
    H74853 120853 Swirl Ring,Nitrogen,200/400Amp
    H14777 120777 Nozzle,Oxygen,100Amp
    H14778 120778 Nozzle,Oxygen,100Amp,CCW
    H14787 120787 Nozzle,Oxygen,200Amp
    H14788 120788 Nozzle,Oxygen,200Amp,CCW
    H14794 120794 Nozzle,Oxygen 300/Nitrogen 200Amp
    H14795 120795 Nozzle,Oxygen 300/Nitrogen 200Amp,CCW
    H14934 120934 Nozzle,Oxygen,400Amp
    H14935 120935 Nozzle,Oxygen,400Amp,CCW
    H14856 120856 Nozzle,Nitrogen,400Amp
    H14857 120857 Nozzle,Nitrogen,400Amp,CCW
    H44786 120786 Retaining Cap,100/200/300/400Amp
    H44907 120907 Retaining Cap,100/200/300/400Amp With HIS Tab
    H44786 120786 Retaining Cap,100/200/300/400Amp
    H44984 120984 Retaining Cap,100/200/300/400Amp Under Water
    H84651 120651 Torch Main Body
    H94025 120025 Water cooling tube
    H94028 044028 O-ring










    HT 4001

    H04285 020285 Electrode,N2
    H04663 020663 Electrode,Oxygen,260Amp
    H04630 120630 Electrode,Oxygen,340Amp
    H74039 020039 Swirl Ring,N2,120/166/187
    H74040 020040 Swirl Ring,N2
    H74623 020623 Swirl Ring,Oxygen
    H74135 120135 Swirl Ring,Oxygen,340Amp
    H14281 020281 Nozzle,N2
    H14282 020282 Nozzle,N2
    H14283 020283 Nozzle,N2
    H14284 020284 Nozzle,N2
    H14086 020086 Nozzle,Oxygen
    H44580 020580 Retaining Cap,N2
    H44579 020579 Retaining Cap
    H44185 120185 Retaining Cap,Oxygen,50Amp


    Technical Support:

    Safety operation procedure for plasma cutting machine


    A, the use of the former and the cutting


    1 should check and confirm the power supply, air source, water leakage, leakage, leakage, grounding or zero safe and reliable.


    2 car, the workpiece should be in the appropriate location, and should be suitable for the workpiece and the cutting of the positive electrode, cutting the work surface should be provided with the dissolution of slag pit.


    3 according to the workpiece material, the type and thickness of the selected nozzle diameter, internal shrinkage adjustment cutting power supply, gas flow rate and electrode.


    4 automatic cutting trolley should be empty by far, and the selected cutting speed.


    5 operators must wear protective masks, gloves, hats, electric membrane anti-dust masks and soundproof earmuffs. Without a protective mirror, the personnel of the plasma arc is strictly prohibited, and the exposed skin is strictly prohibited to be close to the plasma arc.


    6 when cutting, the operator should stand on the upper hand. From the lower part of a work bench ventilation, and should reduce the operating table of the open area.


    . cutting, when no-load voltage is too high, should be check the electrical grounding, the insulation connected zero and the torch hand, should be working table and the ground insulation, or in the electric control system installation no-load open circuit breaker.


    8 high frequency generator shall be provided with shielding, high frequency arc, high frequency circuit should be cut off immediately.


    9 the use of thorium and tungsten electrodes shall be in accordance with the provisions of article 12.7.8 of the JGJ33-2001.

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