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SAF OCP-150 Plasma Torch Body Electrode 0409-1204, 0409-2184, 0409-2185, SAF Plasma Swirl Ring

SAF OCP-150 Plasma Torch Body Electrode 0409-1204, 0409-2184, 0409-2185, SAF Plasma Swirl Ring

SAF  OCP-150 Plasma Torch Body Electrode 0409-1204, 0409-2184, 0409-2185, SAF Plasma Swirl Ring

Product Details:

Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Plasma Consumables
Certification: ROHS/ SGS
Model Number: 0409-1204, 0409-2184, 0409-2185

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity: 5pcs
Price: negotiation
Packaging Details: Manufacturer packing
Delivery Time: Prompt goods
Payment Terms: T/T or western Union
Supply Ability: 10,000pcs per month
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Detailed Product Description
Product Name: Plasma Consumables Application: Plasma Cutting Machine
Standard: Manufacturer Production Standard

SAF OCP-150 Plasma Torch Body Electrode 0409-1204, 0409-2184, 0409-2185, SAF Plasma Swirl Ring
We are a professional manufacturer of plasma cutter consumables.
1. Can supply various models of plasma Consumables electrode, nozzle, shield, swirl ring, inner cap, retaining cap, water tube, torch body and so on.
2. Can make as per customer's requirements. Almost Every Parts Have A Lot Of Stock.
3.The strict quality control. Our products processed are using CNC machines, we have fifteen sets of high-precision testing equipment and Eighty experienced skilled workers.
4. Welcome to contact us. You Can Send Us E-Mail, Skype, WhatSapp, Wechat or Call us.
5.Outer packing:standard export carton.
6.Have any questions, pls feel free to inform us.

0409-2194 Electrode (W15), N2 Ar/H2 (XF)
0408-1283 O-Ring ø 8 x 1,25 Nitrile
0409-2209 Swirl ring (NL), N2 Ar/H2
0409-2168 O-Ring ø 10 x 3 Silicone
0409-2231 Tip 15A (N15), N2
0409-2233 Tip 30A (N30), N2
0409-2234 Tip 40A (N40), N2
0409-2236 Tip 60A (N60), N2
0409-2239 Tip 90A (N90), N2
0409-2240 Tip 120A (N120), N2
0409-2249 Tip 90A (A90), Ar/H2
0409-2250 Tip 120A (A120), Ar/H2
0409-2110 Nozzle retaining cap N2 Ar/H2
0409-2187 O-Ring ø 14 x 1.78 EPDM
0409-2188 O-Ring ø 37.8 x 1.78 Nitrile
0409-2189 O-Ring ø 42.5 x 2.62 Nitrile
0408-1238 O-Ring ø 5,28 x 1,78 Nitrile
0408-1282 O-Ring ø 36,17 x 2,62 Nitrile
0408-1284 O-Ring ø 24 x 2 Nitrile
0409-2154 Diffusor
0409-2184 Electrode with 1 o-ring, long life – Hf
0408-1283 O-Ring ø 8 x 1,25 Nitrile
0409-1204 Electrode long life – HX5 (XF) Air
0409-2185 Electrode long life – HX5 (XF) O2
0409-2185 Electrode long life – HX5 Silver
0409-2170 Swirl ring OCP VD6 – 60A
0409-2169 Swirl ring OCP VD15 – 120A
0409-2168 O-Ring ø 10 x 3 Silicone
0409-2171 Tip 15A
0409-2173 Tip 30A
0409-2174 Tip 40A
0409-2176 Tip 60A
0409-2183 Tip 90A
0409-2186 Tip 120A
0409-1218 Tip 150A
0409-2166 Nozzle retaining cap
0409-2167 O-Ring ø 15×1.78 EPDM

Plasma cutting machine matters needing attention
Technical Support:
3, nitrogen is used as a working gas, under the conditions of higher voltage and nitrogen plasma arc has better stability and higher than the argon gas jet power, even if is cutting liquid metal viscosity materials such as stainless steel and nickel base alloy, incision of inferior hanging slag quantity are few. Nitrogen can be used alone, also can use with other gas mixture, such as automatic cutting often use air or nitrogen as the working gas, the gas has become the standard high speed cutting carbon steel gas. Sometimes nitrogen is also used as an arc gas in the plasma arc cutting.
4, oxygen can improve the speed of cutting low carbon steel materials. Use oxygen cutting, cutting mode and flame cutting is very similar, the plasma arc of high temperature and high energy of the cutting speed faster, but must with the use of high temperature oxidation resistance of electrode, and the electrode for arc anti impact protection, to prolong the electrode life.
5, an air containing volume fraction of about 78% nitrogen, so use air cutting formed by hanging slag and nitrogen gas cutting is very similar; in the air also contains a volume fraction of about 21% oxygen, because the existence of oxygen, air cutting speed of low carbon steel material is also very high; at the same time the air is the most economical working gas. However, when the air is used to cut, there are problems such as hanging slag and cutting oxidation, increasing nitrogen, and the lower life of electrode and nozzle can also affect the working efficiency and cutting cost.

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