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Kjellberg Hifocus Accessories .11.848.201.1522 G4022 Swril Gas Cap For Plasma Cutter Machine

Kjellberg Hifocus Accessories .11.848.201.1522 G4022 Swril Gas Cap For Plasma Cutter Machine

  • Kjellberg  Hifocus Accessories .11.848.201.1522 G4022 Swril Gas Cap For Plasma Cutter Machine
  • Kjellberg  Hifocus Accessories .11.848.201.1522 G4022 Swril Gas Cap For Plasma Cutter Machine
Kjellberg  Hifocus Accessories .11.848.201.1522 G4022 Swril Gas Cap For Plasma Cutter Machine
Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Plasma Consumables
Certification: ROHS/ SGS
Model Number: .11.848.201.1522 G4022
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 5pcs
Price: negotiation
Packaging Details: Manufacturer packing
Delivery Time: Prompt goods
Payment Terms: T/T or western Union
Supply Ability: 10,000pcs per month
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Detailed Product Description
Product Name: Plasma Consumables Application: Plasma Cutting Machine
Standard: Manufacturer Production Standard Type: .11.848.201.1522 G4022
High Light:

powermax 1650 parts


plasma torch parts

Kjellberg Hifocus Accessories .11.848.201.1522 G4022 Swril Gas Cap For Plasma Cutter Machine
In recent years, we have been sold in lots of countries and regions in Europe and Asia and gained good reputation widely with excellent quality . In order to meet customers’ requirements and improve product quality, our company has already realized mechanical processing numerical control automatization production, and been committed to manufacturing products with best quality.
Our company adopts modern management mode and devotes itself to new high performance design and production of welding & cutting equipments, with continuous technique advantages innovation .All our staff are striving to realize the aim of "Create Chinese Brand ,Build First-Class Enterprise ",with the spirit of "Being honest and pragmatic ,making pioneering efforts and seeking perfection with persistency."
Company commitment: thinking what customers think, worrying what customers worry, in time delivery and high tracking service.

MachineHEC NO.Thum NO.Ref NO.Description

Hifocus 280i
Hifocus 360i
Hifocus 440i
(Stainless Steel)

K94231G971.11.848.211.142Cooling tube
K0422G042.11.848.211.510Cathode ArH2
K7441G101.11.848.221.145Gas guide
K14610G2010.11.848.221.410Nozzle O2 80A
K541208G3008.11.848.201.1608Nozzle cap
K541218G3018.11.848.201.1618Nozzle cap
K641522G4022.11.848.201.1522Swirl gas cap
K641525G4025.11.848.201.1525Swirl gas cap
K7445G105.11.848.221.149Gas guide
K641830G4530.11.848.311.1530Swirl gas cap
K44191G501.11.848.201.081Protective cap
K04261G071.11.848.411.500Cathode ArH2
K74255G125.11.848.421.149Gas guide
K141125G2725.11.848.411.625Nozzle ArH2
K141127G2727.11.848.411.627Nozzle ArH2
K141129G2729.11.848.411.629Nozzle ArH2
K541409G3209.11.848.401.1609Nozzle cap
K541419G3219.11.848.401.1619Nozzle cap
K541429G3229.11.848.401.1629Nozzle cap
K541449G3249.11.848.401.1649Nozzle cap
K641735G4330.11.848.401.1530Swirl gas cap
K641745G4335.11.848.401.1535Swirl gas cap
K641740G4340.11.848.401.1540Swirl gas cap
K641745G4345.11.848.401.1545Swirl gas cap
K641750G4350.11.848.401.1550Swirl gas cap
K641755G4355.11.848.401.1555Swirl gas cap
K44201G521.11.848.401.081Protective cap
K94211G901Y.11.848.201.142Water Tube
K94212G902Y.11.852.201.142Water Tube
K94241G931Y.11.848.401.142Water Tube

Technical Support:
plasma cutting arc fault analysis
1. cutting torch nozzle and electrode
Since the nozzle installation is improper, such as threads are not tightened, equipment of each block bit improper adjustment, need water cooling of the torch at work, not in accordance with the requirements of pass into the flow of cooling water and frequent arcs, will cause premature failure of the nozzle. Solution is, in accordance with the requirement of technology of the workpiece cutting and the correct adjustment of equipment gear, check the torch nozzle is installed firmly is, through the cooling water nozzle should be made in advance in cooling water circulation up. When cutting, cutting torch and workpiece thickness adjustment according to workpiece distance.
2. input AC voltage is too low
Plasma cutting machine using the site has a large power use facilities, cutting machine internal main circuit components, etc., will make the input AC voltage is too low. The solution is to check whether there is enough capacity of the power supply line to meet the requirements of the power line of the power supply line in the plasma cutting machine. Plasma cutting machine installation location, should be far away from large electrical equipment and often have electrical interference place. In the use of the process, to regularly clean up the dust and dirt on the components in the cutting machine, check whether the wire aging phenomenon, etc..
3. earth wire and workpiece contact
Grounding is an essential preparation before cutting. Without special grounding tool, the workpiece surface with insulation and long-term use of aging serious ground wire, etc., will make the earth and the workpiece contact. Solution: use a special grounding tool, and check whether the insulation effects of the ground and the workpiece surface contact, avoid the use of aging grounding wire.
4. spark generator can not automatically cut off
Plasma cutting machine work, first of all to ignite the plasma arc, by the high frequency oscillator excited gas between the electrode and the inner wall of the nozzle, resulting in high-frequency discharge, the gas ionization and the formation of local small arc, the small arc by compressed air, ejected from the nozzle to ignite plasma arc. This is main task spark generator. Under normal circumstances, the working time of the spark generator is only 0. 5 ~ 1s, can not be automatically cut off the reasons for the general control circuit board components, the discharge electrode gap between the spark generator is not suitable. Solution: should always check the spark generator discharge electrode, so that the surface is smooth, timely adjustment of the discharge electrode gap of the spark generator (0. 8 ~ 1. 2mm), if necessary, replace the control panel.

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