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Hifocus Plasma Gas Guide Plasma Cutter Parts .11.848.221.146 G102 For Plasma Cutting Swirl Ring

Hifocus Plasma Gas Guide Plasma Cutter Parts .11.848.221.146 G102 For Plasma Cutting Swirl Ring

  • Hifocus Plasma Gas Guide Plasma Cutter Parts  .11.848.221.146 G102 For Plasma Cutting Swirl Ring
  • Hifocus Plasma Gas Guide Plasma Cutter Parts  .11.848.221.146 G102 For Plasma Cutting Swirl Ring
Hifocus Plasma Gas Guide Plasma Cutter Parts  .11.848.221.146 G102 For Plasma Cutting Swirl Ring
Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Plasma Consumables
Certification: ROHS/ SGS
Model Number: .11.848.221.146 G102
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 5pcs
Price: negotiation
Packaging Details: Manufacturer packing
Delivery Time: Prompt goods
Payment Terms: T/T or western Union
Supply Ability: 10,000pcs per month
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Detailed Product Description
Product Name: Plasma Consumables Application: Plasma Cutting Machine
Standard: Manufacturer Production Standard Type: .11.848.221.146 G102
High Light:

plasma cutting machine parts


powermax 1650 parts

Hifocus Plasma Gas Guide .11.848.221.146 G102 For Plasma Cutting Swirl Ring
Shanghai ZhouBo Welding & Cutting Technology company are a professional manufacturer of plasma cutter consumables, Our company is located in the Shanghai City, China ,it was established in 2007,but we had 10 years manufacturing experience in this field, the new factory covers an area of more than 10000 square meters .There are 50-100 workers and 20 research engineers.
Swirl gas cap: V4335, V4330, V4340, V4345, V4350, V4360, V4535, V4540, V4550, V4560, Z4015, Z4020, Z4022, Z4025, Z4030, Z4140, Z4530, Z4535, Z4545, Z4540, R4020, R4022, R4025, R4130, R4140, R4525, R4530, R4540, G4020, G4022, G4025, G4030, G4035, G4040, G4330, G4335, G4340, G4345, G4350, G4355
Nozzle cap: M3004, M3008, M3028, S3004, S3008, S3018, S3028, T3000, T3030, T3045, T3145, T3060, T3160, T3208, T3209, T3219, T3228, R3004, R3008, R3018, R3028, G3004, G3018, G3028
Protection Cap: Z501, T502, T503, V502, T522, G3209, G3219, G3249
Gas guide: Z101, Z102, Z111, Z111A, G101, G102, G121, G125
Water Tube: T901, V931, PB-S75, PB-S46/47, .11.842.601.152, G931

MachineHEC NO.Thum NO.Ref NO.Description

FineFocus 800
FineFocus 900

K631730V433011.833.101.1550Swirl Gas Cap 3.0
K631735V433511.833.101.155Swirl Gas Cap 3.5
K631740V434011.833.101.156Swirl Gas Cap 4.0
K631745V434511.833.101.157Swirl Gas Cap 4.5
K631750V435011.833.101.158Swirl Gas Cap 5.0
K631760V436011.833.101.159Swirl Gas Cap 6.0
K631860V456011.833.111.159Swirl Gas Cap 6.0
K42192T50211.841.721.081Protective Cap Percut 370.2
K42202T52211.836.921.271Swirl Gas Nozzle PerCut 370.2®
K42201T52111.836.901.271Swirl Gas Nozzle PB-S77®/PB-S80®
K521230T303011.836.901.163Nozzle Cap (12x1,5 30°cw)
K521245T304511.836.901.164Nozzle Cap (12x1,5 45°cw)
K521345T314511.836.901.1641Nozzle Cap (12x1,5 45°ccw)
K521260T306011.836.901.165Nozzle Cap (12x1,5 60°cw)
K521360T316011.836.901.1651Nozzle Cap (12x1,5 60°ccw)
K12715T2115Y11.846.921.415Nozzle O2 120A
K12720T2120Y11.846.921.420Nozzle O2 200A
K12725T2125Y11.846.921.425Nozzle O2 250A
K12727T2127Y11.846.921.427Nozzle O2 300A
K12730T2130Y11.846.921.430Nozzle O2 360A
k11025T2525.11.836.911.625Nozzle T2525 ArH2 280A 2.5mm
k11027T2527.11.836.911.627.Nozzle T2527 ArH2 360A 2.7mm
k1927T2427.11.846.911.627Nozzle T2427 ArH2 360A 2,7mm
k1929T2429.11.846.911.629Nozzle T2429 ArH2 440A 2,9mm
K7244T10411.836.921.1542Swirl Ring (3x0,4 cw)
K7241T10111.836.921.153Swirl Ring (6x0,8 cw)
K7251T11111.836.921.1531Swirl Ring (6x0,8 ccw)
K7242T10211.836.921.154Swirl Ring (3x0,8cw)
K7252T11211.836.921.1541Swirl Ring (3x0,6 ccw)
K0212T012Y11.844.921.300-AGSilver Electrode
K0102S002Y11.843.021.320-AGCathode, Ag
K0112S012X11.843.121.310-AGCathode, Ag
K0122S04211.842.411.510Cathode, HiFinox® (i)
K0132S05211.842.511.510Cathode, FineFocus® (i)
K92211T90111.844.901.152Cooling Tube
K93221V95111.828.911.230Cooling Tube

Technical Support:
How to maintain CNC cutting machine
CNC cutting machine working site and working environment is relatively poor, relatively large metal dust. Therefore, the machine must be fully cleaned and maintenance, the person responsible for the equipment lubrication, maintenance and maintenance work!
A. Safe operation:
1. CNC cutting machine is a sophisticated equipment, so the cutting machine operation must do sanding (man, machine, posts)
2 the operator must go through professional training and be able to skillfully operate, non professionals do not move.
3. In the operation must be confirmed without external interference, everything is normal, the cutting plate dipping in the cutting platform, the plate can not be more than cutting range (Note: in hoisting to be careful).
B. Daily maintenance and maintenance:
1. Each work, must clean up the dirt and guide rail machine, make the bed is kept clean, air and power is shut down work. At the same time emptying machine tube with residual gas.
2 if you leave the machine for a long time to turn off the power, in case of non professional operation.
3 observe the machine horizontal, vertical guide rail and rack surface with no lubricating oil, to keep the good lubrication!
C. Weekly maintenance and maintenance:
1 weekly to the machine for a comprehensive clean-up, horizontal, vertical guide rail, transmission gear rack cleaning, filling the lubricating oil.
2 check the horizontal and vertical rail cleaning device is working properly, if not properly and timely replacement.
3 check all the torch is loose, clean up the garbage of the ignition gun ignition, maintain normal.
4 if there is automatic adjustment of the device, the detection is sensitive, whether to replace the probe.
D. Maintenance of the month and quarter:
1 check the total air intake is free of garbage, each valve and pressure gauge is working properly.
2 check all tracheal joints are loose, all pipes with no damage. Tighten or replace if necessary.
3 check all the transmission parts are loose, check the gear and rack meshing situation, when necessary to adjust.
4 loosen up device, drive pulley by hand, whether freely, such as timely adjust or replace the abnormal situation.
5 check the clamping block, steel belt and guide wheel with no loose, steel belt tightness condition, when necessary adjustment.
6 check the electrical cabinet and operation platform, the fastening screw is loose, clean up the dust inside the cabinet with a vacuum cleaner or hair dryer. Check if the connector is loose (refer to the electrical manual).
7 check the performance of all buttons and select the switch, the replacement of the damaged, and finally draw a comprehensive detection of the accuracy of the machine.

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