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Kjellberg Plasma Consumables Nozzle Cap .11.848.401.1619 G3219

Kjellberg Plasma Consumables Nozzle Cap .11.848.401.1619 G3219

  • Kjellberg Plasma Consumables Nozzle Cap .11.848.401.1619 G3219
  • Kjellberg Plasma Consumables Nozzle Cap .11.848.401.1619 G3219
Kjellberg Plasma Consumables Nozzle Cap .11.848.401.1619 G3219
Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Plasma Consumables
Certification: ROHS/ SGS
Model Number: .11.848.401.1619 G3219
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 5pcs
Price: negotiation
Packaging Details: Manufacturer packing
Delivery Time: Prompt goods
Payment Terms: T/T or western Union
Supply Ability: 10,000pcs per month
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Detailed Product Description
Product Name: Plasma Consumables Application: Plasma Cutting Machine
Standard: Manufacturer Production Standard Type: .11.848.401.1619 G3219
High Light:

powermax 1650 parts


plasma torch parts

Kjellberg Plasma Cutter Nozzle Cap .11.848.401.1619 G3219 For Kjellberg Consumables
Shanghai ZhouBo Welding & Cutting Technology company can offer you all plasma consumables for , Kjellberg, Esab, Koike, Komatsu, Thermadyne, such as: electrode, nozzle, shield, swirl ring, inner cap, retaining cap, water tube, torch body and so on.
Kjellberg plasma cutting machine:HiFocus80i, HiFocus100i, HiFocus130i, HiFocus160i, HiFocus280i, HiFocus360i, HiFocus440i and so on
Kjellberg machine :PA-S20W, PA-S25W, PA-S40W, PA-S45W, PA-S70W, PA-S75, PB-S45W, PB-S47, PB-S75, PB-S76, PB-S77, PB-S80, Fine Focus450, Fine Focus800, Fine Focus900 and so on
Each of our products has been tested with a rigorous precision instrument, A large number of piercings tests and service life tests, And made batch trial in our customers. If all results are good, then we will producing them.
We are specialized in the production of plasma cutting machine torch consumables manufacturer, we are engaged in the industry for ten years.
Our products are processed using CNC machines, we have fifteen sets of high-precision testing equipment and Eighty experienced skilled workers

MachineHEC NO.Thum NO.Ref NO.Description

Hifocus 280i
Hifocus 360i
Hifocus 440i
(Carbon Steel)

K94211G901Y.11.848.201.142Cooling tube
K94212G902Y.11.852.201.142Cooling tube
K94241G931Y.11.848.401.142Cooling tube
K0402G002Y.11.848.221.300Cathode O2
K0105G015Y.11.848.231.350Cathode O2
K0101G011Y.11.848.231.320Cathode O2
K0106G016Y.11.848.231.360Cathode O2
K0402G092Y.11.848.401.310Cathode O2
K7441G101.11.848.221.145Gas guide
K1466G2006.11.848.221.406Nozzle O2 25A
K1467G2007.11.848.221.407Nozzle O2 35A
K54124G3004.11.848.201.1604Nozzle cap
K641515G4015.11.848.201.1515Swirl gas cap
K641220G4020.11.848.201.1520Swirl gas cap
K44191G501.11.848.201.081Protective cap
K0403G003Y.11.848.221.310Gathode -O2
K7442G102.11.848.221.146Gas guide
K1468G2008.11.848.221.408Nozzle O2 50A
K14610G2010.11.848.221.410Nozzle O2 80A
K14612G2012.11.848.221.412Nozzle O2 120A
K14614G2014.11.848.221.414Nozzle O2 160A
K14616G2016Y.11.848.221.416Nozzle O2 200A
K541228G3028.11.848.201.1628Nozzle cap
K641522G4022.11.848.201.1522Swirl gas cap
K641525G4025.11.848.201.1525Swirl gas cap
K641530G4030.11.848.201.1530Swirl gas cap
K04242G032Y.11.848.421.310Cathode O2
K04244G034Y.11.848.421.330Cathode O2
K74251G121.11.848.421.145Gas guide
K14826G2326Y.11.848.421.426Nozzle O2 280A
K14830G2330Y.11.848.421.430Nozzle O2 360A
K14831G2331Y.11.848.421.431Nozzle -O2-400A
K541409G3209.11.848.401.1609Nozzle cap
K541419G3219.11.848.401.1619Nozzle cap
K541429G3229.11.848.401.1629Nozzle cap
K641745G4345.11.848.401.1545Swirl gas cap
K641750G4350.11.848.401.1550Swirl gas cap
K641755G4355.11.848.401.1555Swirl gas cap

Technical Support:
The problem of plasma cutting
1, spark generator can't be broken arc
Plasma cutting machine work, first of all to ignite the plasma arc, by the high frequency oscillator excited gas between the electrode and the inner wall of the nozzle, resulting in high-frequency discharge, the gas ionization and the formation of local small arc, the small arc by compressed air and ejected from the nozzle to ignite the plasma arc, which is main task spark generator. Under normal circumstances, the spark generator working time is only 0. 5 ~ 1s, the reason does not automatically break arc is generally offset control circuit board components, discharge electrode gap of the spark generator is not right. Should always check the spark generator discharge electrode, make the surface smooth, timely adjustment of the discharge electrode gap spark generator (0. From 8 to 1. 2mm), it is necessary to change control board.
2, poor contact with the ground
The ground is the essential preparation before cutting work a. Without the use of special grounding tool, workpiece surface insulation and long-term aging serious ground, will cause poor contact with the ground. Should use special grounding tool, and check whether the insulation effect of the ground contact with the workpiece surface, avoid the aging ground

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