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.11.855.401.081 F501 Protection Cap For SmartFocus300 Plasma Cutter Machine

.11.855.401.081 F501 Protection Cap For SmartFocus300 Plasma Cutter Machine

  • .11.855.401.081 F501 Protection Cap For SmartFocus300 Plasma Cutter Machine
.11.855.401.081 F501 Protection Cap For SmartFocus300 Plasma Cutter Machine
Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Plasma Consumables
Certification: ROHS/ SGS
Model Number: .11.855.401.081 F501
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 5pcs
Price: negotiation
Packaging Details: Manufacturer packing
Delivery Time: Prompt goods
Payment Terms: T/T or western Union
Supply Ability: 10,000pcs per month
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Detailed Product Description
Product Name: Plasma Consumables Application: Plasma Cutting Machine
Standard: Manufacturer Production Standard Type: .11.855.401.081 F501
High Light:

plasma torch accessories


plasma cutter accessories

.11.855.401.081 F501 Protection Cap For SmartFocus300 Plasma Cutter Machine


We can offer you all plasma consumables for , Kjellberg, Esab, Koike, Komatsu, Thermadyne, such as: electrode, nozzle, shield, swirl ring, inner cap, retaining cap, water tube, torch body and so on.

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1. The buyer are responsible for any insurance you think necessary.

2. The processing time for a specific order varies with the product type and stock status. Mostly, processing time can be 3 to 15 working days.



.11.855.401.350 F005 Electrode
.11.855.401.350-S F005-S Electrode Silver
.11.855.401.360 F006 Electrode
.11.855.401.360-S F006-S Electrode Silver
.11.855.411.320 F012 Electrode
.11.855.421.320 F022 Electrode
.11.855.421.340 F024 Electrode 360/400A
.11.855.421.340-S F024-S Silver Head
.11.855.441.520 F042 Electrode 55A
.11.855.451.520 F052 Electrode 130/260A
.11.855.461.550 F065 Electrode 300A
11.855.401.407 F2007 Nozzle
11.855.401.407K F2007K Nozzle
11.855.401.408 F2008 Nozzle
11.855.401.408K F2008K Nozzle
11.855.401.410 F2010 Nozzle 55/90A
11.855.401.410K F2010K Nozzle 55/90A
11.855.401.412 F2012 Nozzle 130A
11.855.401.412K F2012K Nozzle 130A
11.855.401.414 F2014 Nozzle 160A
11.855.401.414K F2014K Nozzle 160A
11.855.401.417 F2017 Nozzle 200A
11.855.401.417K F2017K Nozzle 200A
11.855.421.427 F2227 Nozzle 300A
11.855.421.427K F2227K Nozzle 300A
.11.855.421.430 F2230 Nozzle 360A
.11.855.421.430K F2230K Nozzle 360A
.11.855.421.431 F2231 Nozzle 400A
.11.855.421.431K F2231K Nozzle 400A
.11.855.451.614 F2514 Nozzle 130A
.11.855.451.614K F2514K Nozzle 130A
.11.855.451.615 F2515 Nozzle 200A
.11.855.451.615K F2515K Nozzle 200A
.11.855.461.625 F2625 Nozzle 300A
.11.855.461.625K F2625K Nozzle 300A
.11.855.461.628 F2628 Nozzle 400A
.11.855.461.628K F2628K Nozzle 400A
.11.855.411.1520 F4120 Swirl gas cap
.11.855.401.1520 F4020 Swirl gas cap
.11.855.401.1525 F4025 Swirl gas cap
.11.855.401.1530 F4030 Swirl gas cap
.11.855.401.1535 F4035 Swirl gas cap
.11.855.401.1540 F4040 Swirl gas cap
.11.855.451.1530 F4530 Swirl gas cap
.11.855.451.1540 F4540 Swirl gas cap
.11.855.421.1535 F4235 Swirl gas cap
.11.855.421.1540 F4240 Swirl gas cap
.11.855.421.1545 F4245 Swirl gas cap
.11.855.421.1550 F4250 Swirl gas cap
.11.855.421.1555 F4255 Swirl gas cap
.11.855.401.1604 F3004 Nozzle cap
.11.855.401.1608 F3008 Nozzle cap
.11.855.401.1618 F3018 Nozzle cap
.11.855.401.1628 F3028 Nozzle cap
.11.855.421.1609 F3209 Nozzle cap
.11.855.421.1619 F3219 Nozzle cap
.11.855.421.1629 F3229 Nozzle cap
.11.855.421.1649 F3249 Nozzle cap
.11.855.401.081 F501 Protection Cap
.11.855.421.081 F521 Protection Cap
.11.855.401.142 F902 Water Tube
.11.855.421.141 F921 Water Tube
.11.855.441.141 F941 Water Tube
.11.855.461.143 F963 Water Tube
.11.848.401.815   Swirl Ring Tools


Anti interference wiring measures for machine tools
Technical Support:


CNC device and servo unit of NC plasma arc cutting system is the core part of the system, the power supply is the main way to enter the interference. The interference of power supply is mainly produced by the impedance coupling power supply line, all kinds of high-power electric equipment is the main source of interference.


3.1 power supply into line with shielded wire


Power line NC plasma arc cutting system. Cathode line of the cutting torch and plasma / arc arc line hanging in the sliding support, equivalent to go parallel lines tens of meters and / arc line control, torch cathode line from the plasma power, torch cathode of the DC line current 100 amperes. It produces electromagnetic field and high frequency lead arc of high frequency signal by coupling the will power of CNC device and servo unit caused by electromagnetic interference.


With copper and aluminum for shielding cable shielding layer can effectively suppress the interference of high frequency electromagnetic shielding, grounding can inhibit the change of the field of electrostatic induction core wire.


The use of 3.2 power filter


Power filter is an indispensable component in the anti interference, high frequency and low frequency section has good interference suppression performance. Use should pay attention to matters:


A) filter should be installed on the surface of the conductive metal, or woven through the ground and ground;


B) location filter should be as close as possible to the power line at the entrance;


C) filter input and output the best use of shielded wire or twisted pair;


D) to avoid the input and output lines of mutual coupling, the absolute prohibition of the input and output lines bundled with the use of shielded wire.

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