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Tips 220802, Sliver Electrode 220802-S For HPR130 Bevel Cutter Machine

Tips 220802, Sliver Electrode 220802-S For HPR130 Bevel Cutter Machine

 Tips 220802,  Sliver Electrode 220802-S For HPR130 Bevel Cutter Machine

Product Details:

Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Plasma Consumables
Certification: ROHS/ SGS
Model Number: Electrode 220802

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity: 5pcs
Price: negotiation
Packaging Details: Manufacturer packing
Delivery Time: Prompt goods
Payment Terms: T/T or western Union
Supply Ability: 10,000pcs per month
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Detailed Product Description
Product Name: Plasma Consumables Application: Plasma Cutting Machine
Standard: Manufacturer Production Standard Type: Electrode 220802

Tips 220802, Sliver Electrode 220802-S For HPR130 Bevel Cutter Machine


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H03192 220192 Electrode, 30A
H03192-L 220192-L Electrode, (Long-life)
H03192-S 220192-S Electrode, (sliver face)
H13193 220193 Nozzle, 30A
H13193-D 220193-D Double-deck
H23194 220194 Shield, 30A
H03552 220552 Electrode, 50A
H03552-L 220552-L Electrode, (Long-life)
H03552-S 220552-S Electrode, (sliver face)
H13554 220554 Nozzle, 50A
H13554-D 220554-D Double-deck
H23555 220555 Shield, 50A
H03187 220187 Electrode, 80A
H03187-L 220187-L Electrode, (Long-life)
H03187-S 220187-S Electrode, (sliver face)
H13188 220188 Nozzle, 80A
H13188-D 220188-D Double-deck
H23189 220189 Shield, 80A
H03181 220181 Electrode, 130A
H03181-L 220181-L Electrode, (Long-life)
H03181-S 220181-S Electrode, (sliver face)
H03665 220665 Electrode, 130A Silver
H13182 220182 Nozzle, 130A
H13182-D 220182-D Double-deck
H23183 220183 Shield, 130A
H03352 220352 Electrode, 200A
H03352-L 220352-L Electrode, (Long-life)
H03352-S 220352-S Electrode, (sliver face)
H03666 220666 Electrode, 200A Silver
H13354 220354 Nozzle, 200A
H13354-D 220354-D Double-deck
H23761 220761 Shield, 200A
H23356 220356 Shield, 200A
H03435 220435 Eledtrode, 260A
H03435-L 220435-L Eledtrode, (Long-life)
H03435-S 220435-S Electrode, (sliver face)
H03668 220668 Eledtrode, 260A Silver
H13439 220439 Nozzle, 260A
H13439-D 220439-D Double-deck
H23440 220440 Shield, 260A
H23764 220764 Shield, 260A
H03629 220629-L Eledtrode, (Long-life)
H03629-L 220629-S Electrode, (Silver)
H13632 220632 Nozzle, 400A
H23636 220636 Shield, 400 AMP
H03802-L 220802-L Electrode (Long-life),80Amp bevel
H03802-S 220802-S Electrode, (sliver face)
H13646 220806 Nozzle,80Amp bevel
H03649-L 220649-L Electrode (Long-life),130Amp bevel
H03649-S 220649-S Electrode, (sliver face)
H13646 220646 Nozzle,130Amp bevel
H23645 220645 Shield,130Amp bevel
H23742 220742 Shield,80/130Amp bevel
H03662-L 220662-L Electrode (Long-life),200Amp bevel
H03662-S 220662-S Electrode, (sliver face)
H13659 220659 Nozzle,200Amp bevel
H23658 220658 Shield,200Amp bevel
H03541-L 220541-L Eledtrode, 260A bevel
H03541-S 220541-S Eledtrode, (Silver)
H13542 220542 Nozzle, 260A bevel
H23545 220545 Shield, 260A bevel
H23741 220741 Shield, 260A bevel
H33313 220313 Retaining Cap 30/50Amp
H43173 220173 Retaining Cap, 130A
H33355 220355 Retaining Cap bevel
H33433 220433 Retaining Cap 260A
H43176 220176 Shield Cap, 80/130A
H43398 220398 Retaining Cap, 260A
H43603 220603 Retaining Cap, 130/260A-Bevel
H33754 220754 Retaining Cap 30/50A
H33756 220756 Retaining Cap 80/130A
H33757 220757 Retaining Cap 200A
H33760 220760 Retaining Cap 260A
H33635 220635 Retaining Cap 400A
H23645 220845 Retaining Cap 80/200A-bevel
H33740 220740 Retaining Cap 130/260A bevel
H43747 220747 Shield Cap, 30A-130A
H43637 220637 Shield Cap
H73180 220180 Swirl Ring 30A
H73553 220553 Swirl Ring 50A
H73179 220179 Swirl Ring 80A/130A
H73353 220353 Swirl Ring 200A
H73436 220436 Swirl Ring 260A
H73631 220631 Swirl Ring 400A
H93340 220340 Water Tube
H93571 220571 Water Tube
H93700 220700 Water Tube

1. HEC Brand
We make metal cutting system and plasma cutter as well as torch and consumables. We make plasma cutting machine and fiber laser cutting machine with high quality and reliablity.
2. Cut Performance
HEC plasma consumables use high quality material and standard process to make sure the highest quality. Our consumables cutting performance is as the same as orginial OEM manufactory.
3. Good Price
HEC plasma consumables are good quality with low price make customers best requirement and saving money.
4. Big Catagory
HEC sell all kinds of plasma consumables include , EASB, Kjellberg, Koike and also supply some torch.
 Tips 220802,  Sliver Electrode 220802-S For HPR130 Bevel Cutter Machine
 Tips 220802,  Sliver Electrode 220802-S For HPR130 Bevel Cutter Machine



Technical Support:
Method for prolonging the service life of the plasma wearing parts
apply the splash proof chemical coating on the protective cover
Splash proof chemical coating helps to reduce slag accumulation in the protection cover. But it must be removed from the protective cover on the cutting torch to splash paint coating.
1. using softened water injection (plasma torch with liquid cooling system)

Hard water can cause metal impurities deposited on the nozzle ring, which will affect the cutting air flow, thereby reducing the cutting quality and shorten the service life of wearing parts.
2. check air flow and coolant every day

Damage to the torch of the most common causes of the lack of coolant, which need to regularly check leading to the torch gas flow and pressure (air), check the coolant pressure (liquid), if it is found that the flow is not enough or leak, immediately stop and troubleshooting.
3. clear air or oxygen nozzle oxides

When the air or oxygen is used as the plasma gas, the oxide is deposited in the nozzle, which can affect the cutting airflow and reduce the life of the wearing parts. Wipe clean with cloth inside the nozzle can eliminate the oxide.

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