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Plasma Cutter Consumables Nozzle 120788 CCW For HT4400 Accessories

Plasma Cutter Consumables Nozzle 120788 CCW For HT4400 Accessories

    • Plasma Cutter Consumables Nozzle 120788 CCW For  HT4400  Accessories
    • Plasma Cutter Consumables Nozzle 120788 CCW For  HT4400  Accessories
  • Plasma Cutter Consumables Nozzle 120788 CCW For  HT4400  Accessories

    Product Details:

    Place of Origin: China
    Brand Name: Plasma Consumables
    Certification: ROHS/ SGS
    Model Number: Nozzle 120788

    Payment & Shipping Terms:

    Minimum Order Quantity: 5pcs
    Price: negotiation
    Packaging Details: Manufacturer packing
    Delivery Time: Prompt goods
    Payment Terms: T/T or western Union
    Supply Ability: 10,000pcs per month
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    Detailed Product Description
    Product Name: Plasma Consumables Application: Plasma Cutting Machine
    Standard: Manufacturer Production Standard TypeElectrode 220435: Nozzle 120788
    High Light:

    plasma cutting nozzle


    plasma cutting consumables

    Plasma Cutter Consumables Nozzle 120788 CCW For HT4400 Accessories
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    Plasma Cutter Consumables Nozzle 120788 CCW For  HT4400  Accessories 0 
    Plasma Cutter Consumables Nozzle 120788 CCW For  HT4400  Accessories 1

    MachineHEC NO.Ref NO.Description

    HPR 130
    HPR 260
    HPR 130XD
    HPR 260XD
    HPR 400XD

    H03649220649Electrode,130Amp Bevel
    H03541220541Electrode,260Amp Bevel
    H03665220665Electrode,130Amp(silver Plus)
    H03666220666Electrode,200Amp(silver Plus)
    H03668220668Electrode,260Amp(silver Plus)
    H73180220180Swirl Ring,30Amp
    H73553220553Swirl Ring,50Amp
    H73353220353Swirl Ring,200Amp
    H73179220179Swirl Ring,80/130/260Amp(Bevel)
    H73436220436Swirl Ring,260/260Amp(Bevel)
    H73631220631Swirl Ring,400/400Amp(Bevel)
    H33754220754Retaining Cap 30/50Amp
    H33176220176Retaining Cap 80/130Amp
    H33355220355Retaining Cap 200Amp
    H33433220433Retaining Cap 260Amp
    H33603220603Retaining Cap (Bevel) 130/260Amp
    H33756220756Retaining Cap 80/130Amp
    H33757220757Retaining Cap 200Amp
    H33760220760Retaining Cap 260Amp
    H33635220635Retaining Cap 400/400Amp(Bevel)
    H33740220740Retaining Cap (Bevel) 130/260Amp
    H43173220173Retaining Cap 30/50/80/130Amp
    H43398220398Retaining Cap 200/260/(Bevel)130/260Amp
    H43747220747Retaining Cap 30/50/80/130Amp
    H43637220637Retaining Cap 200/260/400Amp(Bevel)
    H83818128818HPR torch assembly
    H83162220162Quick-disconnect torch
    H83163220163Quick-disconnect recepticle
    H83706220706Quick-disconnect torch
    H83705220705Quick-disconnect recepticle
    H93571220571Water Tube with O-Ring
    H93340220340Water Tube with O-Ring(30/50/80/130/200/260Amp)
    H93700220700Bevel water tube(mild steel-130A)

    Plasma Cutter Consumables Nozzle 120788 CCW For  HT4400  Accessories 2
    Technical Support:
    Plasma cutting machine matters needing attention
    The selection of cutting parameters of CNC plasma cutting machine is very important for cutting quality, cutting speed and efficiency. The correct use of CNC plasma machine for high quality fast cutting, cutting process parameters must be deeply understood and mastered.
    1, arc voltage: generally considered the normal output voltage of the power supply is the cutting voltage. Plasma arc cutting machine usually has a high no-load voltage and operating voltage, in the use of high ionization energy such as nitrogen, hydrogen or air, the voltage required to stabilize the plasma arc will be higher. When the current is constant, the increase of the voltage means the increase of the arc enthalpy and the improvement of the cutting ability. If the enthalpy is increased, the jet diameter and the gas flow rate can be reduced, and the faster cutting speed and better cutting quality can be obtained.
    2, working gas and the flow: gas including cutting gas and auxiliary gas, some of the equipment but also for gas arc, usually to according to the type of cutting material, thickness and cutting method to select the appropriate work gas. Cutting gas is not only to ensure the formation of plasma jet, but also to ensure the removal of the molten metal and oxide cut. A large gas flow will take more heat from the arc, making jet length becomes shorter, resulted in cutting capacity is decreased and arc instability; too small gas flow the plasma arc lost due to the straightness and the cutting depth shallow, but also easy to produce hang slag; so the gas flow must with cutting current and speed very good cooperation. Now the plasma arc cutting machine mostly rely on gas pressure to control the flow, because when the gun body pore size, control the gas pressure will control the flow. Gas pressure to cut a certain plate thickness is usually chosen according to the data provided by the equipment manufacturer. If there are other special applications, the gas pressure needs to be determined by the actual cutting test. The most commonly used working gases include argon, nitrogen, oxygen, air and H35, argon nitrogen gas mixture, etc..

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