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Plasma Cutting Consumables For HPR260XD / HPR260 Plasma Nozzle 220439

Plasma Cutting Consumables For HPR260XD / HPR260 Plasma Nozzle 220439

    • Plasma Cutting Consumables  For HPR260XD / HPR260 Plasma Nozzle 220439
    • Plasma Cutting Consumables  For HPR260XD / HPR260 Plasma Nozzle 220439
  • Plasma Cutting Consumables  For HPR260XD / HPR260 Plasma Nozzle 220439

    Product Details:

    Place of Origin: China
    Brand Name: Plasma Consumables
    Certification: ROHS/ SGS
    Model Number: Nozzle 220439

    Payment & Shipping Terms:

    Minimum Order Quantity: 5pcs
    Price: negotiation
    Packaging Details: Manufacturer packing
    Delivery Time: Prompt goods
    Payment Terms: T/T or western Union
    Supply Ability: 10,000pcs per month
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    Detailed Product Description
    Product Name: Plasma Consumables Application: Plasma Cutting Machine
    Standard: Manufacturer Production Standard Type: Nozzle 220439

    Cutter Accessories For HPR260XD / HPR260 Plasma Nozzle 220439
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    Plasma Cutting Consumables  For HPR260XD / HPR260 Plasma Nozzle 220439

    MachineHEC NO.Ref NO.Description

    HPR 130
    HPR 260
    HPR 130XD
    HPR 260XD
    HPR 400XD

    H03649220649Electrode,130Amp Bevel
    H03541220541Electrode,260Amp Bevel
    H03665220665Electrode,130Amp(silver Plus)
    H03666220666Electrode,200Amp(silver Plus)
    H03668220668Electrode,260Amp(silver Plus)
    H73180220180Swirl Ring,30Amp
    H73553220553Swirl Ring,50Amp
    H73353220353Swirl Ring,200Amp
    H73179220179Swirl Ring,80/130/260Amp(Bevel)
    H73436220436Swirl Ring,260/260Amp(Bevel)
    H73631220631Swirl Ring,400/400Amp(Bevel)
    H33754220754Retaining Cap 30/50Amp
    H33176220176Retaining Cap 80/130Amp
    H33355220355Retaining Cap 200Amp
    H33433220433Retaining Cap 260Amp
    H33603220603Retaining Cap (Bevel) 130/260Amp
    H33756220756Retaining Cap 80/130Amp
    H33757220757Retaining Cap 200Amp
    H33760220760Retaining Cap 260Amp
    H33635220635Retaining Cap 400/400Amp(Bevel)
    H33740220740Retaining Cap (Bevel) 130/260Amp
    H43173220173Retaining Cap 30/50/80/130Amp
    H43398220398Retaining Cap 200/260/(Bevel)130/260Amp
    H43747220747Retaining Cap 30/50/80/130Amp
    H43637220637Retaining Cap 200/260/400Amp(Bevel)
    H83818128818HPR torch assembly
    H83162220162Quick-disconnect torch
    H83163220163Quick-disconnect recepticle
    H83706220706Quick-disconnect torch
    H83705220705Quick-disconnect recepticle
    H93571220571Water Tube with O-Ring
    H93340220340Water Tube with O-Ring(30/50/80/130/200/260Amp)
    H93700220700Bevel water tube(mild steel-130A)

    Technical Support:
    Method for prolonging the service life of the plasma wearing parts
    1 keep the drying and cleaning of the plasma gas.
    Plasma system need to dry clean plasma gas to work properly, gas compression system often pollute the gas, so easy to shorten the service life of wearing parts, resulting in damage to the non normal damage. The quality of test gas method is the system in state test, a mirror is placed at the bottom of the torch, torch vent gas, such as on the mirror produces water vapor or mist matter, you need to from gas compression system begin to check and correct them in time.
    2 cut should start from the edge
    As far as possible from the edge of the cut, without the "piercing - cutting" way. The use of edge as the starting point will extend the life of wearing parts. The correct method is to directly align the nozzle to the edge of the workpiece and then start the plasma arc.
    3 avoid the expansion of plasma arc
    If the plasma arc is only extended and expanded in order to reach the working surface (the plasma arc starts at the beginning and end of the cutting), this will cause the non normal damage of the nozzle. If you use the right edge of the starting point, select the right "broken arc" signal time, this problem can be avoided.
    4 to reduce unnecessary arcing time
    When the arc discharge nozzle and electrode consumption are very fast, so the arc should be placed on the cutting torch cutting the workpiece within walking distance. Try not to have an empty arc. The cutting machine should begin to execute the program immediately after receiving the signal from the start arc, and should not be suspended.
    5 apply the splash proof chemical coating on the protective cover
    Splash proof chemical coating helps to reduce slag accumulation in the protection cover. But it must be removed from the protective cover on the cutting torch to splash paint coating.
    6 remove protective cover on the slag
    Frequently clear the torch on the protective cover in slag, otherwise this slag will cause heavy destructive plasma arc".
    Discharge of residual gases in advanced torch 11 after the replacement of wearing parts
    In replacement of wearing parts for a long time or stop, should discharge torch in the residual gas (2 ~ 3 minutes is appropriate) to ensure that the steam discharged from the torch.
    To keep the 12 torch and wearing clean
    In the cutting torch and wearing any stolen goods will seriously affect the function of plasma system. Replacement of wearing parts, to put it in a clean flannelette, and should always check the torch connecting thread, with hydrogen peroxide cleaning cleaning of the electrode contact surface and the nozzle.

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